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Commission Info

So you’re looking to get something commissioned from me?


I get numerous requests for commissions all the time, I love sewing for others, there are just a few rules that I have!

1. BE SERIOUS! – Be serious about the piece you want! I get SO many e-mails all the time, “I want so-and-so done, but I don’t know how it should look or what I want…” Get an image, a drawing, SOMETHING… If I know what you want, it’s easier for me to give you a price!

2. Know Your Budget! – Keep an open budget! Now, I know you don’t all want to spend hundreds and hundreds on a costume, but be realistic… I will not make you a Victorian style steel boned overbust corset for $40. The supplies alone cost $80! My prices are based on what you want, what fabrics you like, and how much time it will take me to make your piece, so, if you want a full costume that involves 15 hours+ of my time, expect a hefty asking price!

3. I Charge A Deposit! – I DO charge a non-refundable deposit of about 30-35% of your costume. That usually will cover you supplies that I spent money on in the event that you do ot like my work so much that I must refund you for it. I will not pay out of pocket for your fabric, period. So, expect a deposit when asking me to work for you. I do payment plans otherwise, but just know that you will not get ALL of your money back in the event that you want to send your item back.

4. Be Nice To Me! – Being nice to me, your worker, is very important. I get a lot of nasty e-mails from people when I don’t respond within five minutes of you mailing me… I do have a life, school, and a family outside of sewing, so just be nice! ❤


I do all types of commissions! Steampunk, anime, manga, movies, video games, small props, jewelry, fashion… Send me an e-mail specifically on what you want, and I’ll tell you if I’m able to take it… If not, don’t get too angry, I’m sure we can work something out. I usually prefer to do costume parts vs. and entire costume, after all, I like leaving some time to make things for myself as well!

Here’s a small gallery of a few past commissions I’ve done recently!

If you are still interested, e-mail me at: