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Esther Blanchett (Novice)

Character: Esther Blanchett
Series: Trinity Blood, Anime/Manga
Status: Retired
Debuted: Otakon 2007

About This Costume:

This was another costume that I was so proud of, I won my first competition award with it! Otakon 2007 got me the First Place Novice Award for the whole weekend in the Hall Cosplay Contest. I love Esther, she is probably my favorite anime/manga character of all time, I’m such a sucker for her. I am determined to do every single one of her costumes, which is crazy, I know! Again, this was another costume to represent kick ass redheads in anime, and I used my real hair! This is the first costume we see Esther in in the series, when she is a novice nun.

Some Construction Notes:

Where to start! I hand sculpted everything basically, all the silver pieces I did myself. Dress and habit were made with no pattern, which was a huge thing for me. Gold cross on the collar piece is also hand sculpted. All the rosary beads were hand painted, what a bitch! The rosary has been used for all my Esther costumes since. Boots were altered and armor was added. I even got some blue contacts! ❤