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Meg (B.A. OVA)

Character: Meg
Series: Burst Angel, The OVA
Status: Semi-Active
Debuted: Otakon 2008

About This Costume:

This costume was a last minute kind of thing for a shoot with Kitty for Otakon 2008. She made her Jo costume and the top to my Meg costume in the pictures, while I made the pants. This was a super fun shoot to do, and a really cool outfit. Reprising as Meg was a pleasure and I love working with Kitty. This outfit is from the OVA for the series and is found in a few selected piece of Burst Angel Art. I have not worn it since, But I relaly think I should! It’s sitting in a drawer waiting to be pulled out… Who knows maybe some Otakon Kitty and I will be back at it as the awesome Meg and Jo! I think we make a good pair as the two, don’t you? ❤

Some Construction Notes:

These were some pants man… They had to paint them on me! Haha. And also note, I did not make the gun, I think it was an airsoft provided by our lovely photog if I remember correctly!