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Queen Esther (Black/Gold)

Character: Esther Blanchett, The Queen of Albion
Series: Trinity Blood, The Artbook
Status: Active
Debuted: Otakon 2010

About This Costume:

This costume was a dream of mine from the start, it took forever to make, and I don’t care a bit. I’ve done a costume of Esther’s every stage in her life, and I know I’ll be making more Esther costumes to complete the set as well. This thing was such a bitch to wear, huge and hulking, and so very very heavy. I had all period undergarments on, Tudor style corset, bloomers, two petticoats, one huge crinoline and two overskirts. This thing was a beast! I had a blast making it, competing in it, and wearing it, one of my favorite and hardest pieces to date! I only had two images to go off of for this thing, one back shot, and one from the front, and there were huge differences in both of them. I chose to do this outfit instead of the white one for a few reasons… 1. This one is far more gorgeous. 2. This is far too under-loved… So, I bring you the queen! God, it was fun to be the queen of England for a day… ❤

Some Construction Notes:

This thing was the biggest undertaking of my life… Hands down. I scored the black velvet for a stupid low price… 15 yards thank you very much! All the gold pinstripes were HAND PAINTED, I’ll attach a few progress shots in the gallery so you can see what the hell I went through making this hulk! I love the design of this dress, and I’ve always loved Tudor fashion. I used a Tudor pattern for a base and altered it heavily to fit exactly what I wanted! The collar is a detachable piece on a harness, so it’s easy on and easy off. The crown is a altered candle holder… Yes, for actual candles, I put it on a headband for a nice sturdy base! All the pearls strands were made by me in glass pearl and Swarovski crystal, so many pearl and crystals on this thing! The choker was all hand beaded and all of the pearls on my sleeves were as well, it took me about 15 hours just to bead all my sleeve pieces I think. The scepter is a original design to match the outfit and was made from metal and plastic parts found in our junk boxes… Pretty good for junk, huh? Haha. I also dyed the wig a custom red, even though it’s not the perfect color… I’ll dye it again next time I wear it, probably at Otakon again this coming year in 2011. I have a lot of repairs for this baby, but, I love it still. Jennie did another Seth as well which was INCREDIBLE, but we have yet to have a photoshoot together… That is in order for sure! Below are some picture of us on stage, progress pics, and a mini shoot I did…