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Formal Steampunk Gown

Costume: Electric Blue Formal Gown, Steampunk
Status: Active
Debuted: Steampunk World’s Fair 2010

About This Costume:

I love this outfit! It was so fun to make and I had been sitting on this electric blue formal fabric forever… Now, I know that this is not your usual steampunk color, but they had color in the Victorian times too! This was super fun to wear at SPWF 2010, and I hope to break it out again this summer!

Some Construction Notes:

The dress was made up of a few different patterns, altered and such. The corset was not made by me, in fact, it’s the corset that I used underneath my Queen Esther gown! It was a gift from a dear friends whose mom works as a professional costumer, seamstress and corsetiere. The design is original but loosely based on Victorian walking gowns and formal dresses. The apron, bustle, bustle pillow, ruffle shrug, and skirt were all made by me… The undershirt was a mall find that is so awesome and steamy and I love to death! Also, my sweet hat was an awesome gift from the same friend, thanks so much Katherine! ❤