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Mariela White (Formal Uniform)

Character: Miss Mariela White, Original Steampunk Character, Crew Member of the Outlanders H.M.S. Amaranth

About This Costume:

This was the first version of Mariela that really made me happy. It was based off of my love for lolita fashion and steampunk combined. I call this her “formal” uniform that she would wear with the crew while on the ship. she might wear it for going out when they dock, or around on a less busy day of pirating. You’ll see in the other costume posts about Mariela her other uniforms are very different from each other… Mariela, first and foremost is the electrician aboard the ship, and this would not be her work outfit!

Some Construction Notes:

I loved this design as her first incarnation… The props are her original concept props by Outland Armour, they soon will evolve into bigger and better things! I made the vest, corset, goggles, and various other parts, while the bustled skirts were bought. I have not worn this costume in a while, just because I love her newest designs that I’ve come up with so much better! Her gauntlet is still in the early stages here, so I won’t go into explaining the concept behind it till later when you see it in it’s later forms… Three versions so far!