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Steampunk Mara Jade

Character: Mara Jade
Series: Star Wars, Steampunk’d!
Status: Active
Debuted: Dragon*Con 2009

About This Costume:

This costume was a lot of fun to design. I was never a huge Star Wars fan until I met everyone in Outland Armour, you nerds! My boyfriend is a HUGE fan, and he was so obviously going to be our Luke Skywalker when we decided on doing this group for D*C ’09. So, that meant that I had to be Mara Jade, the ass-kicking, redheaded wife of Luke! We don’t see her in any of the movies, but she is a very prominent character in the Star Wars universe after the movies take place. I quickly came to love her character and she will always be one of my favorites!

Some Construction Notes:

I decided to do her design is a sexy, functional, and very subtle manner. I did not want her to SCREAM Steampunk, at all. I went with a tight black legging to simulate her body suit, and my top is made from the same spandex blend material to match. I made the corset, belt, and other various pieces of the outfit. Her belt is true to her original design, and I also decided to keep part of her cloak in there as well. I modded an existing Mace Widu lightsaber into a really awesome steampunk one using new painting techniques, rivets, lamp parts, and some other bits here and there.