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Amy Pond (Kissogram)

Character: Amy Pond – Kissogram Version
Series: Doctor Who, Season 5 – Episode: The Eleventh Hour
Status: Active
Debuted: Dragon*Con 2009

About This Costume:

Amy Pond is my favorite companion, period. I love Doctor Who, actually is more like an obsession. I was always SO sad that there was no one for me to cosplay as when I watched the series at first… But then, Amy came along! A sassy redhead with freckles and a super amazing Scottish accent. This was the first costume we see her in in the series, and I had to do it. This costume is such a blast to wear, it’s fun, comfy, and super sexy too. And I love the fact that I don’t need a wig to do this costume! It’s so wonderful using your own hair vs. a stupid, scratchy wig. I’ll be wearing this costume a lot this summer, and I can’t wait to get it on again!

Some Construction Comments:

Now, in the show, Amy wears and actual police grade stab vest. Yes, you can buy them, no, I could not afford it… $300 dollars or something like that! No way… So, I made my own! From a simple pattern I drafted of rectangles, I shaped the vest and added layers of quilt batting to add some volume to the vest. All the patches were made on photoshop and printed on Black T-Shirt Iron On Transfer paper and then added to the vest. My walkie talkie is a toy from Toys’R’Us, painted with Rustoleum Black Night Metallic, and a tube also custom painted attached to the bottom. I tried to get the vest as accurate as possible by looking at actual vests and screen caps of the outfit from the show, all top stitch detailing is completely screen accurate! I also made my skirt and my jabot! I’m going to be updating my belt pouches with some more screen accurate ones, but for now, this will do nicely!