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Amy Pond (Space FL)

Character: Amy Pond
Series: Doctor Who, Season 5 – Episode: The Big Bang
Status: Active
Debuted: Metrocon 2010

About This Costume:

I decided to do this costume as a fun and casual thing to wear in the summertime. I wanted a new Amy outfit to prance around in, and then this outfit popped up in TBB for about 30 seconds! Yes, that’s not long, but it was super cute and a fun joke costume… The Doctor and Amy were going to Space Florida, and I was going to Metrocon in Tampa, FL, so it just seemed right to get this outfit together! Especially since I had most of the pieces in my closet!

Some Construction Notes:

The skirt, shirts, and boots were all thrift finds that I’ve been collecting for Amy costumes… The Hawaiian shirt was a mens XXL that I picked up at the mall that had a similar pattern to the one that Amy wears in the show, so I took it in, A LOT! The glasses were a Claire’s find, and even though they are hot pink as opposed to the baby pink ones that Amy wears in the show, the shape and look was perfect, and I decided to go for it! Overall, a really fun and casual outfit for the summer, I enjoyed it so much!