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Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere)

Character: Gwendolyn
Series: Odin Sphere
Status: Retired
Debuted: Otakon 2009

About This Costume:

I will admit, I was never a huge fan of Odin Sphere as a game, but I love all the characters, colors, and designs. The artist is so wonderful, and Gwendolyn seemed like something I had to at least try to accomplish! All the hard work paid off, our Odin Sphere group of me as Gwen, Meredith (Ana Aesthetic) as Velvet, and Jennie Frey as Mercedes, won First Place in our division at Otakon 2009 in the Hall Costume Contest! Yay! This was by far one of the most complicated costume undertakings I’ve ever tried to accomplish… I still look back on it and say to myself… How the hell did I manage that? For the time being, Gwen is retired… I wore it once and it took a huge toll on a lot of the costume pieces. I do plan on wearing it again in the future, but, until I have the time to completly re-do a few armor pieces, she will stay in storage for a bit! ❤

Some Construction Notes:

The top was made on a base of a bridal bustier, it was sleek, gave me support and a good shape, so I built off of that. I slightly altered what the front of her dress looked like, but other than that, the top was the easy part! The wings were a foam base covered in black fabric and each feather was hand cut from heat foramable Sintra plastic. A hundreds feathers or more hand cut, heat formed, shaped, sanded and painted over and over again, those wings nearly killed me! The hung by long metal hooks that attached to a belt I wore tight to my body under the bodice. My gladiator skirt was drafted by me and made in PVC black fabric, and the black tutu underneath was also something I custom made for this outfit. All of the leg armor was made from Sintra, shaped, heat formed, filled in with Bondo, covered with primer and painted/lacquered many times. The wings on my knees were a craftfoam piece and so was the entirety on my head dress and parts of the staff. The staff lit up with LED’s and I used clear plastic painted with stained glass paint for a deep blue color. This costume is a beast! It was so hard to get around in, and was quite painful after an hour or wear! This outfit was also a featured costume in the published book “Cosplay in America” by Ejen Chuang. It’s a wonderful publication and can be found here on Amazon: The gallery below includes some pictures that the author took of the costume!