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Meg (Burst Angel)

Character: Meg
Series: Burst Angel
Status: Retired
Debuted: Otakon 2006

About This Costume:

Meg was one of my first costumes I ever made from scratch all those years ago! She may be retired, but I will always love this costume so much! I was a huge hit and really helped me get a start on other costumes for the future. I wore this for three Otakon’s in a row, all with my good friend Kitty (of KittyCupcake Cosplay) by my side as a wonderful Jo! Burst Angel is a super fun anime that I really loved the art. style and characters in, and cosplaying Meg was such a treat. Go anime redheads!

Some Construction Notes:

This costume was really one of my first ventures in sewing, ever. I didn’t use a single patter on any of it and I was so proud! Now, as a better seamstress and crafter, there are many flaws, but for the time I had made it, it looked damn good, and still does I think! I used a bra as my base for the top and chose corduroys for the entire costume, for a nice heavy-duty feel. It was super warm, but it held up great! The hate was a thrift find and so were the boots.